Two amazing ways we can work together...

We all need some help now and then.

You’ve read the books, talked to your friends and family, and maybe asked a few questions on Facebook, and tried noodling it out yourself. But that stubborn question still trips you up…How do I get some traction in this business? It’s high time to move on and get some answers.

I love helping artists who are in that “I’m just not sure if I’m on the right road/is this really what I want/am I any good/please help me figure this out” phase of their development. And frankly, this can happen at any point in your journey— or on any random Tuesday. I know because I’ve been there, asked the same questions, entertained the same doubts. And got past it.  Now it’s your turn to kick it to the curb.

And I’ve developed two programs that can help you get closer to your goals.

Thank you, Ronnie! It is extremely valuable to get "outside" feedback! It helps to have someone else say what they see when I can't see it for myself! P.S. Your "Cup of Clarity" is perfectly named!!!
Karen Adams

“A Cup of Clarity” Coaching with Ronnie

This is where it all starts.

A Cup of Clarity is designed to start the conversation about getting clear on where you’re headed, what you want—and explore what might be getting in your way.  Low stress, high impact. Seriously.

After many years as an artist, art director, licensing agent and creative coach, I’ve become pretty good at analyzing situations quickly, and can guide you how to solve them yourself. I have helped hundreds of artists move past that spot and thrive doing exactly what they should be doing.

Does that mean I have all the answers? Well, probably not ALL of them, but I definitely have learned a few things. Not that we expect every single thing you struggle with will be solved in 30 minutes…but some of it will.

At the end of our call, I want you to be able to drop your shoulders (at least a little anyway) and exhale. You’ll see your path more clearly and feel a boost of confidence—because you know what to do next. 

So, here’s the deal:

You’ll start with a pre-call assignment from me to help you identify and organize what issue we want to move forward. The assignment will have 2 parts: 1) Journaling prompts to get you thinking and expressing yourself and 2) three questions designed to give you insight and pinpoint the real issue/challenge/problem you want to explore during our call.  Then you’ll have a thirty minute phone call with me where we drill down on what’s important and find real, actionable steps you can take. You will also get a recording of our call to listen to as many times as you like, so during our call you can concentrate on listening and talking instead of taking notes.

Sound like something you’d like to do? Cool, cool.

Now here’s where I could go into a salesy part here where I tell you that when you break the $55.00 down, it’s the equivalent of blah blah, or X number of Starbucks, or how many burgers….but you’re smart enough to know the value in this without me going there. (But of course, all those comparisons are true…). And no pressure, but there will be a limited number of appointments available because it’s just me here on the other end of the phone with all my attention on you.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Click the button below to schedule your appointment and pay via the PayPal link.
  2. Look for an email from me with a) your assignment and b) the link to our Zoom online audio call.
  3. Work on your assignment (very important to get the full benefit from our call)
  4. Log in at the time of our call and we’ll start kicking some obstacle butt!

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The questions Ronnie asked asked me to think about and respond to beforehand meant the call was On Point, SO utterly helpful and inspiring and motivating and she offered great information, direction, and my brain is on fire with a new focus. Ronnie didn't waste a second of time getting to the point and the heart of my issues, frustrations and insecurities and she provided ALL KINDS of great feedback. I could go on and on. Definitely would recommend consulting with her. And as I progress, I plan on getting her coaching help again for sure. I have no more excuses. Plus, Ronnie is really funny - so it's a pleasure to learn from her!
Norma Vela

Ready for more consistent growth? Cool, cool…

I designed the Monthly Momentum program to help you identify and move your goals forward, systematically and consistently, making sure that it aligns with your time, talents, interests, and resources over the course of six months.

It’s simple really; our first session will clarify what is possible for you to achieve in the next six months (and setting you up for continued success) and breaking down the steps to get there without following every shiny object that might appear in your path.

(Although, if a juicy opportunity comes up, we’ll evaluate it to see if it dovetails with where you are—we never want to miss out on any of those gems, right?)

We will meet via Zoom for a one-hour monthly session and will have weekly check-in emails to make sure you are moving toward your goal for that month—or need any help recalibrating your path.

The intention is that at the end of the six-month program, you feel more centered with far fewer frantic “what the heck should I be doing?” moments and you’ll feel like “you’ve got this” and can continue on the path that we have crafted together.

How the program works:
  • Monthly one-hour video calls (you will receive an audio recording of our meeting)
  • A journaling exercise will be sent to you after we schedule our first meeting, to be completed before we start —designed to help you articulate your goals and issues.
  • You’ll receive a weekly check-in e-mail from me for clarity and accountability
  • Six month commitment/ $125 per month, billed automatically via Paypal

To join Monthly Momentum, you must schedule and complete a “Clarity Call” before you can sign up for Monthly Momentum (within the past year).

What to do next:

Email me at HERE to get started or to ask any questions you may have!



She's a mensch.
David Hillman