Hi, I’m Ronnie Walter.

I could promise not start with the “I’ve wanted to be an artist ever since I could hold a crayon” story, but here’s the thing; ever since I could hold a crayon, I’ve wanted to be an artist!

Seriously, it’s true.

I told my first-grade teacher I was going to be an illustrator when I grew up. Fast forward through art school, a bunch of jobs in sales, commercial printing sales, design, and art direction…and just like that—I became an illustrator! Since I’ve always loved “the fun stuff,” I began licensing my work onto fabric, stickers, giftware, home décor, calendars, and lots of other fun stuff, including more greeting cards than I could count.

I 2001, Jim Marcotte and I merged our talents and launched Two Town Studios, an art licensing agency. We helped develop the careers of dozens of artists while securing licensing agreements on their behalf for over 12 years. Those experiences led me to teaching classes and coaching artists who were on their own journey toward making a mark on the world with their art.

I have also published over 25 coloring books for adults (and now kids too) through our The Coloring Café brand.

Through it all, I continued my own creative practice through drawing a daily sketchbook page (well, most days anyway) where I explore my feelings, observe what’s around me and generally amuse myself.

I guess you could say I just like to draw.

And another voice kept calling to me. The one that continued to remind me of my love for color and abstraction. I have always been attracted to the work of Richard Diebenkorn, Willem De Kooning, Franz Kline, and especially Helen Frankenthaler. So, I started painting. A lot. I’ve entered (and been accepted into) a few shows, and the reception has been gratifying. I work on both paper and canvas in acrylic, often using other media as well like pastels, colored pencils, and graphite.

And although I am not actively coaching artists, my heart is always with artists and I hope through my books, classes, and trusted referrals I can help them see their own gifts and how they can bring their amazing work to the world.

I hope we meet as our journeys cross, I’m sure you’re just as awesome in person!


Interested in one of my paintings? Have questions about how we can work together? Just want to say hi? Cool! I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Messy Paint Brushes-Ronnie Walter