Hi, I’m Ronnie Walter.

I promise I will not start with the “I’ve wanted to be an artist ever since I could hold a crayon” story but here’s the thing; ever since I could hold a crayon I’ve wanted to be an artist!


I told my first-grade teacher I was going to be an illustrator when I grew up and fast forward through art school, a bunch of jobs in sales, design and art direction and just like that—I became an illustrator.

Since I always loved “the fun stuff” I began licensing my work on fabric, stickers, giftware, home décor, calendars and more greeting cards than I could count.

My husband, the delightful and talented Jim Marcotte and I merged our talents (and many small appliances) and launched Two Town Studios, an art licensing agency, and helped develop the careers of dozens of artists while securing licensing agreements on their behalf for over 12 years.

We now each work with individual artists through coaching (me) and consulting (Jim) and are able to deep-dive into the current needs of artists in a rapidly shifting marketplace.

Along with coaching, I continue to license my own art and writing to select clients and after many years of working digitally, I have rediscovered the joy of “analog” painting as I explore expressing myself through large colorful abstracts. (if you’d like to see my work, head over to www.ronniewalterart.com )

Coaching artists has become a huge source of personal and professional satisfaction to my life. In my own experience, I learned the value of reaching out for help when I found myself either spinning my wheels or wondering whether I was cut out for this “art biz” and I am honored and frankly thrilled to be able to help other artists find their own voice and vision to the marketplace while building a sustaining income for themselves and their families.

And I can’t wait to work with you.

Here’s a small sampling of my artwork available for licensing. Contact me to see more!