The Accidental Garden Collection

This collection of paintings started as an homage to all the lovely loose floral paintings that attract me like honeybees to a…er, flower. You know I love my abstracts, but this was a slight departure. Could I bring the loose colorful brushstrokes I love to something more (or less) representational?

Since I spent many years developing designs and concepts for gifts and stationery, I found when I drew or painted representationally, they felt too decorative, too “illustratey” and I found it frustrating.

This collection is a result of kicking caution (and realism) to the curb to combine bright loose florals with an uncomplicated attitude to the painting.

I hope you like them, and if you are interested in purchasing, just send me an email here with the name of the painting and we’ll get it off to you! All prices include shipping within the U.S. Otherwise, shipping costs are additional.

Welcome, my friend, to stroll through this accidental garden.

My best


Paintings on Wood Panel 8 x 8 x .75"

WhiteBlooms in blue and white vase by Ronnie Walter
Blooms in Blue-SOLD
You'veBeen Spotted
You've Been Spotted- $125
Floral Painting in Black Vase
Every Day's Your Birthday-$125

Paintings on Canvas 8 X 10 x .5"

Casual Brunch by Ronnie Walter
Casual Brunch 8 X 10 $125
BlueStripedVase with Red Poppies
Alice's Windowsill 8 X 10 $125
Abstract Floral in Clear vase by Ronnie Walter
I Can See Clearly-SOLD

Paintings on Wood Panel 10 x 10 x .75"

Yellow and Pink flowers in Turquoise vase by Ronnie Walter
Brighten Right Up-SOLD
Red Poppies in Turquoise vase
Poppies for Poppies-SOLD
Poppies for Poppy-1
Poppies for Poppy-2 $140

Paintings on Canvas 11 x 14 x .5"

Wildflowers in Blue and white vase by Ronie Walter
It Was Wild, You Know-$145
Floral Chair painting by Ronnie Walter
White Flowers in a Turquise Vase by Ronnie Walter
That Day We Traveled-$145

Paintings on Canvas 16 x 20 x .5"

That's Some Flowers by Ronnie Walter
That's Some Flowers $225
Floral Fireworks by Ronnie Walter
Floral Fireworks $225

Painting on Canvas 18 x 24 x .5"

Floral painting with wild roses and Sunflowers
Wild and Sunflower-SOLD

...and thank you!

If you are interested in welcoming a painting into your home (which would be so awesome), just email me here with the name of the painting and I will do the rest!

Thanks again, Ronnie