Another Show Season Behind Us…

Funny how the illustrators who develop art for products see the year begin and end in mid-May when the trade shows rear their trendy heads. Whether or not you exhibit or attend, so many of the blogs and social media posts are tracking the anticipation of the shows. This year I attended with multi-faceted goals. I met up with some of my coaching clients–live and in person (some were shorter than they looked on Skype and some were taller-ha!), I did some mini-coaching sessions, chatted with some of the folks I’ve been consulting with and had a minimum of 6.5 hilarious conversations per day–and at least 7.2 serious ones.  And I drank coffee, wine and ate pasta with some of my favorite people. And it case you missed it–or just miss it, here are a few of my observations from the shows.


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4 thoughts on “Another Show Season Behind Us…

  1. Hi Ronnie: I love the name for your “cartoon/blog, (clog), but I must admit, at first thought you were going to show us an MRI of your arteries…based on the pasta you mentioned!!:)
    I think I can say I was one of your first fans and bought your “License to Draw” book a few years ago. .I loved it and found it really well-written, funny and it and contained really good info. I’m still a big fan and read all of your e-mails and posts and Instagram posts. I wish I could have attended the NSS this year, but couldn’t make it. I would have loved to attend one of your sessions. I look forward to reading all about the show in the next “Stationary Trends” magazine.

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