Deeper, funnier, stronger…you

RonnieWalterIllustrationYou get it. You know what it feels like to sit up with a sick kid and clean up puke in the middle of the night–again. You are the one that has held a friend’s hand when she’s had a bad breakup, lost a job—or worse, gotten a bad haircut. You watched as your parents became confused or sat with them as they slipped into the next world. You’ve been there—and back.

So for all of you artists, writers and potential dreamers of creative careers, remember this; it’s the tattered and sometimes faded memories and experiences that bring the depth, the seasoning and the patina to your work. Don’t believe me? Take a look at that cute twenty-six year old sitting there in her cute shoes, unlined skin and that fresh illustration degree. She’s talented and clever and has a big future ahead of her. She’s your go-to gal for the ‘aren’t we cool and sophisticated?’ images (which I love by the way). But is she the one that can write a greeting card about loss or courage or see the rip snorting hilarity surrounding sagging boobs and hot flashes? Can she write a book about the horror of watching her adorably sweet former baby drive off in her hand me down car for the first time—alone?

Wear your badge with honor, ladies—fly that “I have seen what life serves up and I can still find the humor, the joy and the pride” flag with style and confidence!

Don’t let anyone tell you its too late. Sit down, cut that crap out and draw and paint and write from the very depths of your heart. And once you’ve mopped up the tears and finished the wine just look at what you’ve done. Maybe it’s a tear and wine stained mess but somewhere in there is the nugget of what you want to say, what you want to portray and what and how you want to send a message to someone walking the same mile in the same cute shoes as you. And whether you serve it up with humor, sentiment, scripture or with gorgeously rendered images, the message is this:

It’ll be OK.
I’m there for you.
Life is pretty good, when you think about it.
I understand.
I will not leave you.

So tap your inner goddess, the mama warrior, that holder of truths won from age and experience, and let that woman out already! You, my dear, are the conqueror of complacency!

And remember, you get it.