Fifty (or so) Jewels

I am honored to be featured in the “Coffee Talk” department at the very cool Fifty Jewels©Ronnie Walter - artist - writer - smart aleck website, a gathering place for  fashion, food, new ideas and interviews with interesting women. It’s worth a trip over just to see my corporate head shot from somewhere in the mid-eighties—the one not included in this trifecta of Ronnie heads.

Have fun over there, Kimberly has tons of tips and advice for those of us who have gathered our fifty jewels–so far!

Relax! What could go wrong at SURTEX?


No one will show up.
Yes, they will! It will just feel like they never will in the beginning. Just be ready to smile and say hi!
My banners will fall down.
Yes, they could. And that’s why you will bring every adhesive known to humankind with you on the plane or you will beg for extras from your neighbors. If begging doesn’t work, chocolate often does.
I’ll be meeting with someone who is a complete dullard while the Best Potential Client Ever Ever Ever walks past.
Yes, that happens all the time! And since the Best Potential Client Ever Ever Ever does not wear a badge that actually says that they are the BPCEEE, you may never know. But if they love your walls enough and you are easy to find out there in the world, they will contact you. I hope. Or they won’t. Sorry about that.
I will vomit, pee or faint in my booth.
Sure you could! But just pray that it doesn’t happen all at the same time!
I could spill coffee on my cute outfit and my adorable shoes will slowly kill me.
Oh, yes, coffee gets spilled–but hear this: Be really careful! Tight fitting lids, people! And by the way, I have never in my entire career spilled coffee or tea on my artwork or portfolio. But let’s not talk about the red wine incident of 2003. And shoes have been known to take down even the most seasoned exhibitor. Bring an alternative pair of super cute shoes to the show with you. I recommend black patent for the 2nd pair since they go with everything. Now do you think my year and a half as Assistant Manager at Famous Footwear was a complete waste of time?

So go ahead and worry, but it really won’t do you any good. Either something icky will happen or it won’t. But if you haven’t shown up for the potentially awful to occur, then you won’t be there when the amazing moment happens either, now will you?