All of my classes are designed to deliver what you need in a compact, action-enriched and fun fashion!​

We all need to add more clients. In this class I will explain, in step-by-step detail, a simple process for locating and converting clients that is systematic, progressive, and repeatable. It will help you focus your prospecting efforts and eliminate that nagging feeling that you haven’t done enough.

One of my most popular classes! How fun (and possibly lucrative) to publish your own journals, workbooks and notebooks! This short class will teach you all the basics, including how to decide what kind of book you want to publish, planning and design of the book, and how to publish it with a minimum of headaches. I will make it as simple as possible to move you from “Hey, I want to do my own journals” to “Hey! I just published my book”!

These two methods of monetizing your art get conflated sometimes and I want you to understand the difference! In this class I will break down those differences, the similarities and how each (or both) can help you in your quest to monetize your art. I will walk you through the best strategies to enhance your message and grow your audience—and how to employ them to build your income.

Learn how to break into this exciting publishing opportunity and discover a great way to add a new product for your customers!

I’ve published over 20 Coloring Books for Adults so I’ve learned a little something about the process. I break it down step-by-step from crafting your idea to clicking “publish” and everything in between. Trust me, I’ve made all the mistakes so you don’t have to!

“I’ve been dabbling with the idea of creating my own coloring book, but aside from creating a couple of pages, I haven’t gotten farther. This was exactly the class I needed. Finishing my book can now go at the top of my resolution list for next year. Thanks Ronnie!”

Interested in learning all the fundamentals on how to license your art? This is the class! I’ve taken everything I know about how to get started, how to present your most authentic (and marketable) work—plus how to find the decision makers you want to work with! Really, if you are interested in monetizing your art with this method, start right here!

This class takes a deep dive into developing your best portfolio. From developing compelling collections to using mock-ups to enhance your voice and vision, this class will fine tune your presentation, helping you to get closer to your creative goals.

Want to spend more time making art and less time making sales calls? Maybe working with an agent is the route for you! This class will walk you through the pros and cons and what to expect from the agent/arts relationship. As a former agent, I bring a unique perspective to the conversation!