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You’ve read the books, talked to your friends and family, and maybe asked a few questions on Facebook, and tried noodling it out yourself. But that stubborn question still trips you up…How do I get some traction for these creative dreams of mine? 

I love helping artists who are in that“I’m just not sure if I’m on the right road/is this really what I want/am I any good/please help me figure this out” phase of their development. And frankly, this can happen at any point in your journey— or on any random Tuesday. I know because I’ve been there, asked the same questions, entertained the same doubts. And got past it.  Now it’s your turn to kick it to the curb.

"Thank you, Ronnie! It is extremely valuable to get "outside" feedback! It helps to have someone else say what they see when I can't see it for myself!
Karen Adams
Ronnie Walter one on one coaching

Take the next step toward clarity and action.

A one-hour session with me starts your journey so you can hit the ground running on a specific issue, or we can dive into the Big Stuff….like…”is this even the right path for me?”

One thing for sure: we will get a lot done in that hour, and that will save you quite a bit of time, brain space, and overwhelm.

I understand how you might be nervous, after all working with a coach may seem like a big step. And maybe a little scary. Or maybe you’re thinking, “Wait a sec, can’t I just read blogs, books, or troll Facebook to find out if I’m on the right track with my creative life?”

Yes, there is a lot of information out there, but if you’re like most people…haven’t you been doing that already?

But if you’re ready to take some bold steps, to take you work to the next level, or maybe you’re just so sick of spinning the same old wheels?

That’s where I can help you.

We’ll identify your strengths, pinpoint your goals, and move your path toward the even bigger dreams—even those you can barely speak out loud. And it all comes with an action plan to make sure you achieve what you want to.

Through coaching you can find the focus you are craving, kick the things that aren’t working for you to the curb once and for all, and finally take a bite out of all that self-doubt you’re carrying around. Oh, and did I mention that it’s fun?

Ready? Here’s what to do:

  • Click below to schedule your appointment and pay via the Paypal link ($175) you’ll receive.
  • You will receive an email from me with a questionnaire for you to work on and send back to me before our appointment. I will also send a zoom link for our session.
  • Our session will be recorded and I will send you the audio for you to listen to afterwards.
  • You’ll start moving forward on the actions we identified for you!

Simply click below to get started and I can’t wait to work with you!

"The questions Ronnie asked asked me to think about and respond to beforehand meant the call was On Point, SO utterly helpful and inspiring and motivating and she offered great information, direction, and my brain is on fire with a new focus. Ronnie didn't waste a second of time getting to the point and the heart of my issues, frustrations and insecurities and she provided ALL KINDS of great feedback. I could go on and on. Definitely would recommend consulting with her. And as I progress, I plan on getting her coaching help again for sure. I have no more excuses. Plus, Ronnie is really funny - so it's a pleasure to learn from her"!
Norma Vela
"She's a mensch".
David Hillman