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A sweet (and simple) program to get you ready for 2020

Ready to greet the new year with clarity and calm? I thought so—that’s why I developed this sweet (and affordable) program to help you find a clear path to what you want while kicking all the other options that are holding you back to the curb.

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I can help you figure things out. Here's how.

Working with a coach may seem like a big step. And maybe it can seem a little scary.

Or you might be thinking, “Wait a sec, can’t I just read blogs, books, or troll Facebook to find out if I’m on the right track with my creative business?” And sure, you can do that. After all, there is a lot of information out there—but haven’t you been doing that already?

But what if you’re ready to take some bold steps, to take your work to the next level or—you’re just so sick of spinning the same old wheels?

That’s where I can help.

I’ll guide you to identify your strengths, pinpoint your goals, as well as help you move toward the even bigger dreams that you can barely speak out loud. And it all comes with an action plan to make sure you achieve what you say you want to.

With coaching, you can find the focus you are craving, kick the things that aren’t working for you to the curb once and for all and finally take a bite out of all that self-doubt you’re carrying around.

Oh, and did I mention that it’s fun?

We can work together in a couple of ways. Working on on one we can drill down on where you feel like you need some advice, a nudge in a different direction or just a fresh professional perspective to make sure you are on the right track. Or if you just need to focus on your portfolio, presentation and refining your message, I can prepare The Portfolio Report for you.

Or if you’re not sure which is right for you, just contact me here and we’ll figure it out!



One-on-One Coaching

We start with a perfect one hour nugget so you can hit the ground running on a specific issue or we can dive into the Big Stuff like “is this even the right path for me?” We will get a lot done in that hour and I know I can save you quite a bit of time, brain space, and overwhelm.

  • You will complete a detailed questionnaire that will allow both of us to see where you are in your creative career, and where you want to go. The questions are designed to help you clarify your goals and objectives—both for your business and what you want to achieve by working with me.
  • I will review your answers and the visuals you send me before our session. These will include your website (if you have one) and any other portfolio materials you want me to see.
  • We will either Skype or talk on the phone for 1 hour and we will determine your best direction–then you will head off with concrete, actionable steps you can start on right away.
  • This is all included in the $150 payment (prepaid via Paypal).

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The Portfolio Report

After over 20 years as a professional artist…I know stuff. Good stuff.

And while developing and refining my own portfolio, as well as helping dozens of artists to do the same (both as a licensing agent and a coach), I’ve learned a thing or two about assembling a portfolio that shines—and that attracts your perfect clients. A compelling portfolio is important, but YOUR compelling portfolio is most important, as it’s the key to your success in monetizing your art.

And I can help you get that portfolio to where it needs to be.

Here’s how it works:

  • Click below to email me and send me your information; a website or online portfolio. if you don’t have a portfolio online, just email me and we’ll discuss the next steps.

  • I will send a Paypal invoice for $175.

  • Upon payment, I will evaluate your portfolio/presentation based on ease of viewing, organization, and recommended markets— including tips on selecting, rearranging, or removing pieces to improving your presentation. I may also recommend adding pieces to fill out a collection.

  • Within 3 business days, I will send you your written report.

  • Then we’ll schedule our 30 minute phone call to discuss and I’ll answer any questions you may have.

  • $175

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What the Artists say...

“In just a short coaching session Ronnie zeroed in on my strongest artwork and explained which markets it would fit into, and how to research them.  She gave me concrete steps to take to make my work even more marketable and appealing to art directors. She definitely knows the inside scoop on the licensing business and, lucky for us, she’s willing to share what she’s learned.”

-Pat Achilles

“I have been in the industry for many years and I work as an independent artist without an agent.  The industry is a challenging one, so I thought about hiring a coach but it took me quite a bit of time before I decided to work with Ronnie. I worked with her on some challenges and she helped me figure out the best strategy for the situations I was dealing with.  She is very wise and understands the art licensing industry.   What I love the most about her is that she is funny, caring, yet very realistic about the industry. She tries to give you hope and inspiration while looking at the industry from a realistic point of view based on her own experience.  She is my “fairy licensing mother”. I highly recommend her!”

-Sue Zipkin

“I really appreciated you giving me a moment of your time to connect today. It’s within that space of time that you gave me understanding, encouragement and an “idea”! It’s individuals like you,who continue to inspire others to persevere just by saying “let’s talk”, truly understand the concept of ‘one hand to give, one hand to receive!”

-Pat Sutton

“Talking with Ronnie was both delightful and very helpful. Her years of experience and knowledge of the market are invaluable for someone starting out in this business. She not only gave me the push I needed to feel confident in sending my work to art directors but also went into in details by telling me which pieces to emphasize for what market. All and all a very positive experience worth every penny, I’ll come back again!”

-Sophie DuFresne

“Ronnie was wonderful to speak with-I could tell she really had a good sense of my work and was able to give real insight about my work specifically. Ronnie offered very focused, detailed advice that I am already putting into practice. I came away from the conversation with clear  steps to take and how to take them. It was a great investment for my business and I am looking forward to working with Ronnie again.”

-Annie Howe Papercuts

“She’s a mensch.”

-David Hillman