Cool Interviews with Cool People

I’ve been asked to take part in the Thriving Artist Summit that starts next week—25 creative types across several disciplines with tons of practical information on how to thrive as a creative professional. And it’s free!

Wanna be part of it? Here’s a link to get the videos sent to you (they are designed to be short and chock-full of juicy info). Just click here to gain access starting on July 2nd. My interview will be on July 16th!

Listening to others outside of our industry can bring you a new perspective and maybe a few new ideas to add to your bag of tricks. Love to know which ones you found the most interesting to where you are now—and where you want to go!

Ronnie Walter-Thriving Artist Summit
The Thriving Artist Summit

2 thoughts on “Cool Interviews with Cool People

  1. Hi Ronnie,

    I’m the artist who sold you the big easel! Hey I signed up for your thriving artist expert session. But I did that at 7:30 am PST which is 10:30 am EST – am I too late? I totally understand if I am. If so is there another link to watch your interview?

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