Down the Rabbit Hole

rw-rabbithole-webIt was a challenging day.

You know the feeling. You have a big project to work through (or an upcoming show, or a self appointed deadline to finally finish that thing you’re working on) and you reaaaalllly need to focus on it. But a little idea sprouts in another part of your brain—the part where the brilliant ideas vie for space, trying to become the next big thing you pay attention to. I don’t know what it’s called but if you are any kind of creative type you know exactly what part of the brain to which I am referring.

So anyway, one of those ideas elbowed its way to the front and demanded that I take a brief detour from what I was supposed to be working on so I could determine whether or not this idea should live or die. I have that kind of power you know.

“Sorry, Little Idea , I gave you a chance but you did not perform–so off you go to See Ya Later Island.”

I grabbed my notebook and began my usual process of dumping everything I can think of out of my brain (relating to the idea—God knows, I can’t get rid of the good stuff—like the theme from Love Boat, the multiplication tables and how to make chicken noodle soup).

I decided that yes, indeed it was an idea worth pursuing, so I began a little more research to see if:

a. Someone had already written exactly what my thesis was.


b. Has anyone used my oh-so clever-title yet?

This led me away from my notebook and onto The Internet which as we know is the kiss of death for progress, creativity and time management. But I was willing to take the risk so I could put my monkey mind to rest–at least in regard to this idea.

Of course someone else was using my  title—not for what I want to use it for, but for another product all together that I became completely enamored with; therefore spending the next 15 minutes on their website which led me to compare prices on Amazon on a product I hadn’t heard about or thought I needed 16 minutes earlier.

This makes me insane, right?

Or just a run-of-the-mill creative thinker.

Let’s go with that.

So I ordered the life-changing product and resumed my research, determining that:

a. No one has written what I want to write in exactly the same way that I want to.


b. No one is using my title for what I want to use it for.

So even though I took a little trip around Internet-ville and bought something I clearly needed (uh-huh, we’re going with that too), I eventually found my answers, with only a brief detour.

And since this particular rabbit hole did not include a rest stop at Zappos, Pinterest or Facebook I’m putting it in the win column.

It’s the small victories that count, right?


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