Enough, Already!

solongcookie-webI opened the Target ad on Christmas morning and predictably Christmas was nowhere to be seen except for the red and green plastic wreath and ornament boxes (now 20% off)–however closet organizing systems and fitness equipment covered 8 or so pages. I know, I know–I lived in Retail Land for a big chunk of my career so I am fully aware that the dust doesn’t settle completely on one event before we move on to the next shopping opportunity. I’m pretty sure it’s in The Constitution, and if it’s not now, it will be in the near future. Why would we be surprised to see the red and pink boxes of Valentines displayed next to the rolls of 75% off Rudolph gift wrap?

But over the past few years, by the time I am placing my own wreath in the plastic box I bought at Target for 20% off, I think “Enough.”

Enough cookies, enough holiday frivolity, enough making sure I’ve made my list and checked it twice. Enough with the jolly.

I am full.

It’s all enough.

But with the New Year just days away, our thoughts turn to a new calendar page, twelve whole months ready to be unfurled. The fun, the sad, the confusing, the unexpected opportunities, and the friends we’ve yet to meet; it’s all out there waiting for us. Will we be at this same place next year thinking, “Was my year enough? Did I reach out to add good things to my life—did I bring my gifts to the table? Did I share enough of my talents, my kindness—did I send enough love? Was I enough?

The answer of course is, yes. Yes, you are. You’ve got everything at your fingertips to embark on this sparkly new year, so go and fill your cup just enough—and maybe have a little cookie on the side.


And finally–the new edition of License to Draw is available! You can see here to see all your options. See you next year, friends!


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