Ronnie Walter-AbstractPainting-Water View

“As a contemporary abstract painter and dogged optimist, I love bringing dynamic color and movement to my work, resulting in paintings with fresh energy and loads of passion.”



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Two Abstract Paintngs by Ronnie Walter

Missing Sarah 1 and 2

Bright color and lots of movement are the features on this pair of coordinating acrylic abstracts on canvas.16 X 20 X .5 on canvas. $275 each/$525 pair

bright Colorful Abstract by Ronnie Walter

Did You Remember the Flamingos? #1

No, there are no "actual" flamingos in this painting (or it's companion) but the colors and imagery of Florida are never far from my heart. Looks great with #2. (Ask for pricing if buying the pair) 24 X 30 X .5 inches on canvas. $585

Abstract Painting by Ronnie Walter

Did You Remember the Flamingos? #2

This abstract plays nicely with #1, in fact they were conceived and painting together.They look wonderful hung side by size, but can be split as well, just inquire about pricing for the pair. 24 X 30 X .5 inches on canvas. $585

Fortunate daughter-abstract painting by Ronnie Walter

Fortunate Daughter

This feels like a walk in the woods to me, with a secret koi pond yet to discover. Acrylic. 24 X 36 X .5 on canvas. $695

Angels Among Us

Sometime while painting this, an angel stopped by. I think she needed coffee. 24 X 30 X .5 inches on canvas. $585

It's a Party

Luscious color and sweeping brush strokes reminds times between friends, sharing laughter and memories.. 24 X 30 X .5 inches on canvas. $585

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Abstract paintings by Ronnie Walter

Honey, We're Home 1 & 2

Two sweet paintings that live happily together. 16 X 20 X .5 on canvas. SOLD

Abstract Painting by Ronnie Walter

You Have My Heart

Arcs of color—purple, magenta, navy and yellow dance across the canvas with ease. 24 X 24 X .5 inches on canvas. $475

Tellow Abstract Painting by Ronnie Walter

Want to Hear a Haiku?

I'm not sure where this title came from but the layers of paint on this canvas are sheer poetry. 24 X 36 X .5 inches on canvas. $695


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Pair of Paintings-SOLD

Unsent Letters 1 & 2

Bright rainbows of color dance across the sweet paintings, designed to hang together. 11 X 14 " on paper. $110/pair

Abstract Paintings by Ronnie Walter

Common Voices 1 &2

Reminiscent of the night sky, these two coordinating paintings feature pops of color and the illusion of portals to...well, you get to decide. 11 X 14" inches on paper. $110/pair

TheAyesHaveIt-Paintings by Ronnie Walter

The Ayes Have It 1 &2

Big bold blocky color featuring oranges and pink. I like making big marks in smaller spaces—lots of impact! 11 X 14" on canvas. SOLD

Pair of Abstract Paintings by Ronnie Walter

Yonder 1 & 2

Although abstract, these two beauties remind me of the wide open spaces I love. 11 X 14 " on paper. $110/pair

Abstract Painting by Ronnie Walter


A portal to another place, emotionally, physically...creatively! Dynamic brush strokes and that pop of red! 18 X 24" inches on heavy paper. $275

No Fences

Bright blues and pinks swirl happily guiding you to the place you want to go. 18 X 24" on heavy paper. $275