Licensed to Draw, now in it’s second edition, is a detailed handbook that includes how to figure out what kind of artist you are, how to develop the right presentation for the right client, an in-depth look at the essentials of a good contract and lots more. Written in a friendly and readable style, you’ll find inspiration, motivation and a step by step explanation of how to dive into art licensing.

This is the essential book on Art Licensing to keep on your desk to refer back to again and again.

“Ronnie Walter’s book License to Draw is worth every penny & then some! In a world where there’s a growing number of artists interested in learning how to get into licensing PLUS a growing crowd of teachers who want you to take a course in how to learn about licensing…this little book condenses it all into a handy guide to keep right next to your drawing table/desk/easel.”

Uh-oh! Something bad happened at the biggest art trade show of the year and illustrator Georgie Hardtman is smack in the middle of the mystery. Gruesome Greetings is a fun romp for anyone who knows a bit about this art biz!

I always wanted to write a “cozy mystery” and I realized my plot was right in front of me! A fun read whether you’re in the biz or not—but don’t miss it if you are!

“I really enjoyed this book! If you love stories of gal pals and mysteries that get you thinking, this one’s for you! Looking forward to more Georgie Hardtman stories.”

Teachers are Awesome!

by Ronnie Walter

In this delightful book, author and illustrator Ronnie Walter expresses all the reasons why we will always remember our favorite teachers.

Perfect for a back-to-school, holiday, end-of-year, or anytime gift, this book is for an amazing teacher who knows how to make every student feel seen, appreciated, and loved.

We’ve all had a special teacher, don’t you think it’s time we told them what they meant to us?

If we were having coffee…a conversation about Friendship by Ronnie Walter

The perfect little book for the friend you wished you were having coffee with right now.

I wrote this book as a way to connect with a friend and to feel like were sitting next to each other comparing all the wonderful—and not so wonderful moments life has to offer.

Perfect for your best friend—and that special sister too!

“Oh I love this book so much. It really is a way to share a friendship even if you can’t meet for coffee every day. A perfect gift for a dear friend.”

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