New year, new direction...same me!

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Whew…that was a year, right?

Not many of us would care to repeat 2020—but—there are a few things turned out to be (relatively) positive experiences, like…

  • Working from home. It can work, possibly even better than before, although I’d hate to be in the commercial real estate market.
  • We rediscovered that simple pleasures can be, well, pleasant.
  • We didn’t run out of art supplies—or ideas.
  • I found out after 17 years of marriage that my husband can bake bread, though I’m still trying to figure out why he hadn’t.

I can’t believe anyone has come through this year without a heightened sense of self-awareness and a bit more clarity on their wants, needs, and what really brings them joy…even if they must only imagine it for now.

And that includes me.

As many of you know, I publish coloring books, other books, teach on several online teaching platforms, and I am passionate about painting abstracts—the bigger and more colorful, the better. For the past few years, I’ve also coached and mentored artists in every phase of their journey, have been live every week on Coffee with Ronnie, and kept up (mostly) with updating my YouTube channel.

Sounds like a lot? It is. As I digested all of that, thought about (and journaled about) what else I want to do, I came to a decision.

I am taking my own advice.

If you’ve ever worked with me or watched any of my videos you know I often talk about “if you say yes to something you have to say no to something else,” and I’m afraid I’ve only been saying yes over the past few years. That is not sustainable, especially for the balanced and joyful life I intend to have. And there are a few things I have been saying “no” to that I want to move into the “yes” column.

So, I’ve made some decisions. I am pausing my coaching practice for now, and my weekly Coffee with Ronnie “show”. I will invest more time into my publishing efforts, my fine art endeavors, and publishing more videos about the creative life on YouTube.

Also, I love teaching and will find meaningful ways to do that, and of course I will be contributing to conversations on social media whenever I can add something of value.

“Living a Colorful Life” says it all— linking the Coloring Café, my paintings, and my attitude toward life. I want to experience and reflect all the hues and shades that life has in store for me, and I hope you come along for the rainbow-colored ride with me.

I hope that this past year has brought you some clarity as well. So, here’s to an amazing 2021!


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  1. You’re taking good advice from a very smart and wise lady! Although I will miss seeing your face and hearing your bad jokes on Coffee with Ronnie, I’m happy to see you are making this decision at the same time. I’ll see you in YouTube land.

  2. Ronnie,

    I will miss your terrific advice and sense of humor.

    All the best from Portland, Oregon,
    Susan Effenberger

  3. Dear Ronnie, I’m slow,… really slow so it’s not until just now after missing you, your smile and joy spreading desperately for some time that I clicked and read (I’ve clicked before but not read) that I got the news you’re stopping!
    Well not stoping just changing direction and moving to where the light is the brightest, good for you (she says in your shadow…. imagine a melodramatic soundtrack with that LOL)
    Love you Ronnie, thank you from the bottom of my heart you will never know the difference you made in my life, I am forever grateful.
    I’ll keep an eye out for you here and there signing off now by sending you artistic productive inspirational vibes,… may all your wishes come true.

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