Wondering what’s been happening in the studio lately?

Well first, Jim and I moved. And it was a big one. We sold the house we’ve been living in for the past 20 years and it was A. Lot. Of. Work. Very thankful that Florida houses are not built with basements or attic storage, but somehow we still managed to accumulate lots of…stuff. Far more than could possibly fit into the much smaller house we moved to.

Where did all this stuff come from?

Our Toyota Camry became a de facto pick-up truck with many, many trips to the thrift store to drop off those fabulous items we had accumulated, including countless product samples from years of licensing my art onto giftware/home goods/stationery/etc. (Yeah, it was a LOT!). We’re not sure how many weeks it took us to actually stand upright after we moved, but there was a fair amount of moaning and creaking of knees.

picture of lots of bowls

We are now adjusting to life in our semi-tiny house. Which can be…. a challenge (she says with a forced smile on her face). But for the most part I love it. I have my favorite cooking items, a capsule wardrobe (determined by the closet space), a couple places to sit and a small but workable art space.

Ronni Walter's tiny art studio

Looking for some Clarity in your creative life?

I’ve reopened my schedule on a limited basis for coaching, bringing back the popular “Cup of Clarity” program and simple one-on-one hourly sessions. Just click here if you would like more information.

And I’ve been taking some time for myself (and you should too!). To study, explore ideas, and spend some open-ended time in my “mini-studio” with paper, paint, oil pastels, and anything else within reach. Have I developed anything yet? Sort of, but mostly I’m following threads of my curiosity. It’s a mindbender to work this way, since I spent so much time over the course of my career developing collections (for licensing) that were more planned out and structured. I’ll let you know when I have developed some of this work and it’s reached a place that I am proud of.

So that’s all the news from the studio, what’s up with you?