Simple Coaching Sessions with Ronnie​

Sometimes you just need to noodle through a few things with someone who “gets it”. The uncertainty of an art career, the lack of support with your “regular people”, unpacking and re-ordering the myriad options for moving in the direction of your dreams. That’s why I’m here.

I can help you:

  • Move from square one to squares two through however many it takes for you to feel like you are on solid ground with a plan in place.
  • Evaluate an opportunity to discover if it’s the right deal—and the right deal for you.
  • Convert the thoughts of “I’m supposed to” to “I can’t wait to” in a way that feels doable, profitable, and lands right with your heart.

I’ve helped others:

  • Solidify a plan to reach out to licensing decision makers who align with the artist’s values, resulting in signed contracts and income from her work.
  • Helped an artist reach into her other passion and publish a book with recipes, illustrations, and memories.
  • Worked with an artist who pivoted from licensing to establish a vibrant wholesale business.

Why me?

  • I’ve licensed my own designs on over 1000 products over 25 years.
  • Was co-owner of Two Town Studios, Inc, a licensing agency that garnered over $4 million in revenue
  • I have worked with hundreds of artists over the years as an art department manager, agent, and coach (and I love them!).
  • I am also a certified life coach.
Ronni and Bethlogan

Here’s how we can work together:

A 60 minute recorded video call is $125 . Includes a pre-call worksheet to get us up and running quickly, maximizing our time together. Click below to schedule.