That thing you do…

KittyThing-WEBHow’s that thing of yours going?

The thing you’ve been dreaming about and planning and training for?

That thing.

How’s that going?

Do you love it?

Do you think you’re supposed to love it but it’s not exactly working out how you thought it would and now you don’t love it as much as you once did?

Is it harder than you thought it would be?

Are you making progress? Does it look like it’s going to work out?

Are you still doing it because you’ve met some cool people there and well, they seem to be pretty happy with that thing so that probably means you should be pretty happy too, right?

Are you feeling a bit guilty that you’ve devoted a whole bunch of time and a fair amount of money to make it work and you’re thinking, gee—maybe this isn’t really the thing I want?

Do you find yourself doing a thousand other things rather than the things you think you should be doing to move this thing forward? Do you think that tells you anything?

That’s kind of a big thing, you know.

Sometimes a thing needs to be revisited, re-tooled, or revised to bring it closer to the thing you wanted.

But you? You’ve got this thing.


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