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Classes start on Tuesday April 24, 2018.

This is a fast-paced class designed to get you in front of manufacturing

decision makers quickly so the schedule is as follows:


STEP ONE: Tuesday April 24, 7- 8 pm (All classes are on Eastern time)

  • Intro to the Course
  • The Lesson: Discovering You (the foundation of everything)!
  • Homework Assignment
  • Q/A

STEP TWO: Thursday April 26, 7-8 pm

  • The Lesson: Categories and Partners (develop a repeatable and reliable system to get your work in front of decision makers)
  • Homework Assignment
  • Q/A

STEP THREE: Tuesday May 1, 7-8 pm

  • The Lesson: More support and encouragement (this is where the ladder can get wobbly!)
  • Homework Assignment
  • Q/A

NOTE: There is only one class this week since this assignment will take longer than the others

STEP FOUR: Tuesday May 8, 7-8 pm

  • The Lesson: The super easy method of pulling it all together (this is gold, baby!)
  • Homework Assignment
  • Q/A

STEP FIVE: Thursday May 10, 7-8 pm

  • The Lesson: You’re on the Top Step, Ready to reach out for success!
  • Final Q/A.

Classes will be recorded but live participation is encouraged!

(plus it’s fun!)

How to get the most out of the class:

  • Clear the decks! This is a fast-paced class with a lot of information so your schedule should be open.
  • Be ready to do the work. Each of the five lessons will end with a homework assignment designed to keep you moving in a forward direction.
  • Show up with the confidence that you can move through your uncertainly in a supportive and positive environment
  • This is a no excuses class! We will expect you to do the work—after all, why else are you here?

Cost is $349 which includes live classes, worksheets, participation in an exclusive Facebook page for this class only, and a 30 minute “check-in” class at 30 days after our final class.

THE NOT SO FINE PRINT: Class must be paid for by April 20, 2018 (via the Paypal invoice I’ll send you) and  there will be no refunds AFTER April 20, 2018. I am limiting enrollment and your enrollment is only secured by your payment (so it makes sense to pay asap to secure your spot).

If you’d like to participate in this dynamic class designed to get you from portfolio to licensed product (or if you have more questions), fill in the form below and I will send you the invoice–and we’ll get you moving forward!