The Power of Drawing

In last week’s Coffee with Ronnie, I talked about how important drawing is to your long-term success as an illustrator. I was concerned that my message was a bit of a “now get off my lawn” moment, but to me, drawing is kind of everything.

If you are self-educated as an illustrator you may have skimmed over the drawing part and gotten right into the design and learning software part of your development, and that may have worked just fine for you. And if it did? Cool!

But here’s the thing about drawing—drawing is a fundamental tool to help you noodle out ideas, make the ideas in your head come to life, and help your audience see what you mean to say. If you analyze an illustration you love, you can probably reverse-engineer it to see how the structure of the work is in the drawing, and you can’t fake that.

It’s why a unicorn riding a bicycle looks believable to you or why you can draw 25 coffee cups stacked on top of each other looks normal to you even though in real life they would all topple onto the kitchen floor. When you know how to draw, you can push your ideas forward in a way that your viewer says, “yep, that makes sense to me”.

It’s about understanding proportion and weight and scale—and more. When you know the basics of drawing, you soon find out that you can draw anything, and to me, that’s freedom! It never leaves you and you only get better with time and practice. It’s why you see accomplished artists and illustrators show up for life drawing nights long after they’ve “made it”.

So if you feel like you are at a place when you can’t quite express the ideas in your head or you’ve come to a point in your career that you feel stifled, maybe you need to back it up and work on your drawing skills. I explore more details on exactly how (and why) to do just that in this video.

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