Ronnie Walter

I draw. I write. I help people.

Hey, I’ve been there.

Struggling to to find my voice, my vision and finding the people who would actually pay me for my amazing artwork! I don’t like starving and I suspect you don’t either. What if we could work together to gain a little clarity, make a plan for your creative business journey and kick all the crap to the curb? Wouldn’t that be cool?

It was a long road from when I told my first grade teacher I wanted to be an illustrator (I mean really, what 6 year old does that?) to the point where I made more as a freelance illustrator than in any of my previous stops. And frankly, some days I didn’t think it was possible for me.

But I got there.

I was a printing salesperson, spent time in advertising, worked as a staff artist and art director and almost 2 decades as a licensing agent. And I’ve been consistently licensing my art for  over 25 years! All that experience is priceless—it taught me how to develop the right portfolio, how to identify the best markets for my work, how to find and work with clients, and how to work with other artists. But helping artists and writers move forward is the best part of my week!

And I want to help you move your dreams forward so you can finally bring your work further into the world in an authentic, meaningful way.

And I know one thing for sure; staying true to who you are as an artist is the only way to achieve lasting success.

Did I mention that it’s fun, too?

So let’s talk and get you on your way to success.

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